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What is Mold?

Mold is a kind of fungus that evolves in the corners of the home, exposed to moisture and humidity. It does not just spoil the visual interest of space, but is responsible for various issues including structural damage, indoor odor, and health problems.

When detected, the mold must be treated on an immediate basis to avoid diverse further problems. Beacon Restoration assists you to fight against mold and works on the underlying cause across various corners of your home. Besides dealing with the growth of mold, we implement precautionary measures that restrict the recurrence of mildew in your living space.

Areas of the Home That Develop Mold

Being among the most humid cities in the USA, Huston residential properties are highly prone to confront mold development in both indoor and outdoor areas. Besides, the flood-affected areas are at great risk of fungal growth.

The home’s damp corners such as the bathroom, kitchen, and basement are more likely to thrive mold being exposed to high levels of moisture. Besides, the poorly ventilated spots including shelves, crawling areas, and other less air-circular sites are prone to mold growth.

Inspecting these areas on a regular basis keeps a check on the sign of mold development. Look for the initial indicators of mold growth such as musty odor, water stains, and visible mold. If found, get in touch with us for a professional remedial reaction to eliminate the issue from the root.

Why Choose Beacon Restoration for Mold Removal and Mold Remediation?

We are professional mold removal and remediation experts defending your living space with the weapon of our mold remediation expertise. Beacon restoration being the industry experts uses specialized techniques and tools to revive an infested property. We comprehend the hardship you undergo in such circumstances and that’s why we accompany our clients with a support system that covers every need ranging from home cleaning to an insurance claim. Know below what makes us a reliable choice when your house is suffering from mold damage.

What To Do About the Mold Until Help Arrives

Being acquainted with some self-help techniques is essential until the professionals reach out to rescue. The wrong practices may contribute to the severity of the problem. Below are some of the essential steps to be mindful of when tackling underline issues.

Have insights into the source reason for the mold development. If the source is preventable, for example, a leaking pipe, take an action on an immediate basis to get it repaired.

As soon as you witness mold development, turn off your HVAC system to resist the spread of mold spores throughout your living space.

You can try to circulate air or ventilate a corner to remove excessive moisture.

Control the spread of mold in your home by shutting off the windows and doors of an affected room, sealing a certain area, or covering a portion or vent systems with plastic sheets or tapes.

If the problem has suddenly grown to extreme levels, the best solution is to relocate until professional restoration help arrives.

After accomplishing your job, leave the rest to our mold remediation company, which will employ proven methods and equipment to revive your property in optimal condition.

What Not To Do About the Mold Until Help Arrives

It’s better to avoid than fuel the severity of the problems- Know what not to do when you notice mold in your home.

Using your household cleaners like detergents and bleaches does not produce any positive response, but can put your health at stake.

Touching or removing mold with an unprofessional approach can lead the mold spores to be airborne and infect other areas and the health of the residents.

Even if the mold is barely visible, not opting for professional help will only promote its infestation.

Using inappropriate materials such as paint is a big no. This temporary solution may worsen mold growth.

Avoiding mold removal specialists’ assistance does not just promote the mold but also adds to more expense in restoring your property in the long run.

Steps in Our Mold Remediation Process

Improved indoor air quality, healthy space, and home value- Check below the procedure we employ to guarantee all with our mold removal professionals.

Mold Remediation FAQs

The correct amount for mold remedy is hard to determine without being acquainted with the condition of your home. Several factors contribute to concluding the final expense for mold remedy services. The location of the mols, the severity, the number of parts affected, the length of the property, and many other factors can influence the final cost. If you want a clear estimation of your expense for the mold remedy services, get in touch with our team, discuss the issues and we will give you an estimated service charge for the same.
Having worked on numerous projects and having a deep understanding of mold remedial services, we can confirm the effectiveness of the mold remedial services. Our trained professionals utilize industry-specific protocols, we make sure our commercial mold remediation brings the best results.
The term mold removal is associated with removing the mold whereas mold remediation refers to removing and preventing the entire cause of the mold.
There is a high risk of mold reoccurring if the hidden cause, such as excessive moisture exposure has not been fixed. However, the specialists like us use a step-by-step approach that works on the fundamental causes of mold and make sure it does not reemerge.
Mold spreads in no time and needs immediate remedial action once detected. It will ensure your health and home safety.
Once the remedial actions have been performed and the moisture issue has been addressed, your home will be back to a visually appealing and healthy space.
It is advised to leave the place while the remediation is being performed. This will make sure that you are away from the toxic spores of mold.
You should never attempt to remove the mold by yourself. While doing this, you are exposing yourself to health problems while also worsening the condition.
In simple words- you will be living in a space filled with ugly corners, unpleasant smells, and unhealthy surroundings which will consistently grow if not rectified. It can be a great reason for a significant drop in your home value.

Let our Clients Speak For Us

rach. r
rach. r
Stephen, the restoration manager walked me through the process and explained in detail every step of the way. They saved the day!
Josh Helms
Josh Helms
He did a good job and i was happy how he took care of me. 5 stars
Pax Terran
Pax Terran
There were responsive, on time and knowledgeable about the problem.
Chrystal Hernandez
Chrystal Hernandez
Had water damage theses guys did a great job
sam castro
sam castro
I had Beacon help me out on a mitigation job and pack out and a rebuild. They did a wonderful job, highly recommended.
D Dugood
D Dugood
Beacon Restoration restored our kitchen beautifully and quickly after a busted pipe caused water damage. The owner, Scott was very knowledgeable about how to file paperwork with our insurance company which helped the process go a lot smoother. He is an honest man with years of experience in various aspects of this industry and we greatly appreciated all he did for us. We would highly recommend this company to anyone and would hire them again! Thank you!
Lynn Rye
Lynn Rye
Within an hour of my call for help Scott and his crew were here. They made sure I felt heard and kept me informed every step of the way. They worked seamlessly with my insurance company to get a claim filed and moving. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Krystal Lanier
Krystal Lanier
Very responsive and willing to support. I appreciate their great customer service. Will definitely keep them in mind for next time!
Ronny Pena
Ronny Pena
Amazing service. I was impress with their excellent organization and efficiency. Thank you!
David Julian
David Julian
Beacon Restoration swooped in to help when we had a pipe burst during the Christmas freeze. Despite it being a holiday, Beacon acted swiftly and professionally and was at our house first thing on Christmas Eve morning to get the process started. The project manager was extremely kind and explained everything to us. He was able to really set our expectations on how the whole process would run. He also joined when subcontractors or anyone would come to work on the home. This was particularly helpful because he was great at explaining construction and restoration terms so we were truly able to understand what our options were. The owner, Scott, was wonderful at communicating with both us and our insurance company. It is very clear how knowledgeable he is in both restoration/construction as well as insurance. We never felt like Beacon was nickel and diming us, quite the opposite in fact. We felt like they truly had our best interest in mind. They were even able to get the project completed sooner than the original time frame. While we hope we never have to use restoration services again, if we do, we will without a doubt be calling them first. We highly recommend their services to anyone who needs them.

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We're ready to help.

We're ready to help.

Stay connected! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest restoration news, tips, and promotions from Beacon Restoration.