Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Houston, Texas

Recovering from a devastating fire in the place you call home or office is a difficult and demanding process. We’re here for you every step of the way, no matter how bad the damage is. From cleaning up after fire damage to remodeling, we will work tirelessly until your property is restored to its original glory.

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What Fire Damage Is And How It Can Affect A Property

It can be tough to predict or imagine the extent of damage caused by a fire. Such events can devastate your life and cause significant harm. The harm caused while extinguishing the fire, coupled with the destruction from the blaze, can be extensive. 

Fire can occur for various reasons, including natural disasters like lightning strikes, accidents like kitchen mishaps, or electrical problems that result from human negligence. 

Apart from what you can see, fires can also lead to hidden issues such as smoke damage, water damage, poor air quality, and faulty electrical wiring. 

Once the final embers of a fire have been extinguished, you need to immediately initiate a fire damage restoration process with Beacon Restoration. Our experts will thoroughly assess the damage and document all aspects. We will handle everything, from eliminating smoke odors to repairing structures and salvaging your belongings.

Why Fire Restoration Services Is Important For Your Homes And Businesses

Here are several things you should keep in mind to understand the importance of fire restoration services:

They Have Advanced Techniques And Equipment

Professional fire damage restoration services in Houston possess advanced technologies and equipment to ensure a fast and thorough cleaning process. These methods and tools enable them to remove smoke, debris, and soot, providing a more effective solution than conventional approaches.

Respond With Primary Measures To Control Further Damage

After the firefighters leave, the first step in fire damage restoration is to evaluate the damage and identify any structural problems, mitigating immediate hazards. To prevent further damage, Beacon Restoration takes the necessary steps needed to secure your facility, including:
Installing temporary fencing and security Temporary roof cover-up and board up

Restore Fire-Affected Areas To Original State Or Better

Fires can cause varying degrees of damage, from minor to severe. Prompt action is crucial to address cracks, clean up furniture, and eliminate smoke and soot. Fire restoration services in Houston work to make fire-damaged areas look as good as they were before, or even better. They assess the damage, clean up the mess, repair broken parts, remove furniture and other items, and eliminate smoky smells, restoring the property back to its pre-fire state.

Professionally Address Water Supply Damages

Many people do not realize the fact that they are required to pay attention to their water supply after a fire. Fires can damage your walls and water pipelines, leading to potential contamination or leaks. Fire restoration experts ensure that your water is not contaminated or compromised. They examine the water for safety and help fix any broken pipes to prevent mold growth.

Why Hire Beacon Restoration In Houston, Texas, For Smoke Damage Restoration?

There are several reasons to hire Beacon Restoration in Houston, Texas, for smoke damage restoration:

We are experienced fire damage contractors specializing in Houston fire restoration services. With 25 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to handle smoke damage restoration effectively.

We employ expert methodologies and utilize technologically advanced tools for rapid and efficient smoke damage restoration.

From initial inspection to cleaning up fire damage and content storage, as well as remodeling, we handle every step of the restoration process.

We are committed to providing maximum effort and support to our clients throughout the restoration process.

We are available 24/7 for emergency consultations.

We understand that navigating complex processes like loss settlement claims can be overwhelming. As part of our services, we provide support and guidance to clients in dealing with these processes, ensuring a smoother experience.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

Beacon Restoration’s fire damage restoration process is comprehensive and thorough:


The primary causes of fire and smoke damage in Houston, Texas, include the following:

Kitchen Fires

Ovens and stoves, essential for daily life, can cause extensive damage to homes. Human negligence or carelessness is often responsible for these fires. Common causes of kitchen fires include:

  • People forget food on burning stoves and ovens.
  • Using a malfunctioning stove or oven.
  • Inappropriate handling of lard, grease, or oil.


Portable Heaters

Portable heaters, also called space heaters, were responsible for 18% of home structure fires. These fires often start because flammable objects are placed too close to the heater, increasing their chances of catching fire. People also tend to forget about their space heaters, which can lead to fires, too.

Electric Fires

Electric fires can happen spontaneously and in virtually any part of the house. Their insidious nature makes them difficult to catch beforehand, though they are usually the outcome of one of two conditions:

  • Using faulty wiring or overloading electrical circuits.
  • Faults in the electrical system or open circuits can cause overheating or sparks, leading to fire damage.

Regardless of the extent of the damage, it is crucial to seek the services of a reputable fire restoration cleaning company in Houston. They will not only address the visible damage but also take care of any hidden harm to your property. They will help you eliminate seemingly inconsequential things like soot and smoke residues.

The time required to restore a home after smoke damage varies based on the home's size and the extent of the damage. The duration of fire and smoke damage restoration typically ranges from several days to a few months. Minor damage can often be resolved within a few days, while extensive damage may require several months for complete restoration.

Yes, they can help you with the insurance claim process – provided they are sufficiently skilled and experienced to guide you through it.

When selecting a fire damage restoration company in Houston, Texas, consider the following factors:

  • Review and assess customer reviews and ratings.
  • Verify their certifications.
  • Request a portfolio of their previous work.
  • Evaluate their experience and expertise.

Let our Clients Speak For Us

Linda Daniel
Linda Daniel
Quick response even during holidays. Caring family owned professional people. Wouldn't ever use anyone else.
Beth Trumps
Beth Trumps
This company came quickly and set up machines to begin drying out areas of my home that sustained water damage. They were respectful of my home, friendly and professional. Thank you, Scott and team.
Greg Carlson
Greg Carlson
Scott, Shawn, and the Beacon team did a great job fixing up our house after recent water damage. They came by the day we found the damage and immediately started remediation. They worked directly with the insurance company making our lives easier and during restoration communicated effectively every step of the way. Highly recommend if you ever need water remediation/restoration services.
Allison Whitmire
Allison Whitmire
Beacon Restoration went above and beyond finish my project (rent home with college students in College Station) on time and on budget often working weekends and holidays. Additionally, they helped me navigate the insurance reimbursement and helped me to receive back all I was untitled to on my claim.
Byanka Delgado
Byanka Delgado
Great company to work with the staff waa amazing they were on time got the job done and did excellent work at an efficient time highly recommend them won’t be calling any one else when I need a job done but then
meimei li
meimei li
In the middle of June, an enormous tree situated next to my front laundry room unexpectedly toppled onto my house's roof, resulting in extensive damage throughout the affected areas. The fallen tree spanned the entire length of both the laundry room and living room roofs, and its branches forcefully penetrated ceilings and walls, exacerbating the destruction. This incident led to significant water damage, saturating and compromising nearly the entire floor of my residence. My insurance company dispatched a representative for mitigation, but they experienced delays due to their limited experience in handling such complex situations. Upon conducting a Google search, I came across Beacon Restoration, a company with a stellar five-star reputation. Scott, the company's owner, promptly responded to my call, conducted a swift assessment of the damage, and initiated mitigation work the very next day. Their work was characterized by meticulous professionalism, adhering to all industry standards. Each day, they diligently cleaned up before leaving my house. Thanks to Scott's expertise and knowledge, he was able to uncover hidden damage and diligently maintained comprehensive documentation to facilitate the claims process. Stephen, the project manager overseeing the mitigation, proved to be a highly responsible and courteous young man, making communication with him and his team both pleasant and effortless. I enthusiastically recommend Beacon Restoration Company for their exceptional service and professionalism.
A Parker
A Parker
After purchasing a home to renovate, I soon discovered I had a mold problem. I hired a hygienist to test and create a protocol. I then hired Beacon Restoration to do the remediation. Stephen with Beacon was the project manager as well as doing the work. He was very professional and kept me in good communication during the project. Beacon passed during the first clearance test, so I was able to get back to my renovation quickly. I would recommend them to anyone facing a mold problem.
Joshua Amisadai Laguna espinales
Joshua Amisadai Laguna espinales
Exelente y profesional recomendados
Vanessa Arteaga
Vanessa Arteaga
Son excelentes y profesionales
Samina Mirza
Samina Mirza
Outstanding professional service provided by Beacon Restoration from beginning to end. Quick response time to an already traumatized homeowner; excellent and timely work in restoring my house, including follow up visits. Five stars.

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We're ready to help.

We're ready to help.

Stay connected! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest restoration news, tips, and promotions from Beacon Restoration.